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Dams serve the dual purpose of storing water for uses including irrigation, tap water and the generation of hydroelectric power. Hydro power is still one of the most inexpensive ways to generate power, and is a renewable source of energy. In total there are 168 large dams in the UK today.

Examples of work undertaken by our lawyers

  • Legal advice on the flooding of a large dam and river located in the Midlands.

Davitt Jones Bould specialists

Legal issues that may arise

  • Obtaining planning permission for the construction and maintenance of a dam. 

  • Dealing with the adverse impacts that building a dam may have on the surrounding communities.

  • Judicial reviews and planning inquires.

  • Acquisition of land for the construction of a dam. 

  • Complex environmental issues including water quality, fish and wildlife conservation, NEPA & CEQA compliance, clean air, beneficial use and water rights, soil management and hazardous waste, and coastal zone management. 

  • Bespoke and standard construction contracts including including FIDIC, MF1, NEC, IChemE, GC/ Works, JCT, ICE, RIBA and RICS.

  • Licensing and re-licensing the dam

  • Managing an adverse public reaction to the construction of a dam. 

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