Examples of work undertaken by DJB lawyers

Advised on environmental risk management for business activities covering regulatory compliance (including criminal prosecutions, civil claims and enforcement) and commercial issues.


Advised on the management of contaminated land including claim under contractual indemnities and warranties.


Secured planning and environmental consents for large development projects, in particular for the energy, water and waste sectors and in urban regeneration.

Advised on the implementation of numerous flood alleviation schemes nationwide including the largest scheme in the UK, the Jubilee River Project.

Our Services

-Environmental risk management

-Liability for contaminated land

-Liability for nuisance

-Environmental damage regulations

-Environmental permitting


-Flood risks and alleviation schemes

-Collateral warranties

-Sites of specific scientific interest (SSSIs)

-Nature reserves

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Environmental law manages the effects that people have on the environment. This can range from the creation of a scheme to alleviate flooding to managing the environmental effects of a chemical spill. When managing property, particularly industrial property, it is essential to be aware of the impact of environmental law.

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Our Experience

DJB is the largest specialist Real Estate law firm in the UK. Our highly acclaimed team of environmental lawyers have considerable experience in overcoming the environmental issues faced by both private and public sector organisations.

DJB lawyers have advised on some of the most complex and contentious environmental issues facing organisations today. Our experience covers the entire spectrum of environmental law matters including securing environmental consents for development projects for the energy, water and waste sectors and the high-profile flood alleviation schemes nationwide.

The firm has a proven track record of delivering environmental law services according to the unique needs of our client’s organisation.