It is with deep regret and saddened hearts that we must inform you that our esteemed colleague and highly regarded lawyer Tom Castle has passed away following a tragic accident. 

Since joining DJB in August 2014, Tom has been an integral and immensely valued member of our team.  Living and working from British Columbia, Canada, Tom embodied the values of the firm to the fullest.

Everyone that knew Tom is understandably distraught by his passing.  If you knew and loved Tom as much as we do and would like to talk to anyone about this, please don’t hesitate to contact Madeleine Davitt.


If you'd like to leave your own tribute to Tom, please feel free to post it below.

The following tributes are testament to just how valued Tom was, amongst everyone at DJB and his clients:

“Tom was an excellent lawyer.  He had done some really good work for me and despite the time differences seemed always to be available when I needed him.  A real time lawyer.” 

Geoffrey Lander, Non-Executive Director at DJB.

“Tom was, and will always be in my mind, a lovely, beautiful person.”

Madeleine Davitt, Senior Partner at DJB.

“Tom will be sorely missed.  I still remember my first meeting with Tom.  He impressed me then and as we worked together my respect for his professionalism, talent and humanity grew all the more.  His untimely death is a tragedy for everyone at the firm.”

Peter Allinson, Chief Executive at DJB.

“I thought Tom was a terrific lawyer and I enjoyed working with him. I was always impressed how he could work for DJB whilst living in Canada but as a client I always felt as though he was UK based and that must reflect on his professionalism.  That aside, I thought he was a “nice guy” too and that makes his passing all the harder to accept.” 

Philip Plato, Managing Director at Plato Estates Limited.

“He was my perfect template of a lawyer which includes being a mind reader and having the ability to talk cricket at any time.”

One of Tom’s Clients.


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