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A specialist law firm with a track record of problem solving and delivering biodiversity and natural capital solutions to protect and restore UK ecosystems.

The protection and restoration of biodiversity and natural capital is a of high-priority on a national and global scale making conservation issues – Biodiversity Net-Gain (BNG), rewilding schemes, the creation and enforcement of designated areas (e.g. Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI’s), no-take zones, national and local nature reserves, marine conservation sites, Ramsar sites and more) - a critical area for any public, private or NGO undertaking a real estate or planning project.

Our specialist legal team – with over 70 experienced lawyers – has advised on many biodiversity and natural capital projects, including innovative projects like anti-river pollution credit schemes and the development of habitats for protected species.   Our lawyers work seamlessly with specialists in the field of biodiversity and natural capital to provide expert advice on the latest technical developments and how to build these into your wider real estate and planning projects, working with you to  mitigate the risks and costs associated with your biodiversity strategies and ensure that our legal structures deliver realistic but aspirational outcomes. 

Our biodiversity and natural capital team forms part of our wider ESG group, which is committed to delivering pioneering environmental initiatives. 


Part of our service includes a review of your existing property portfolio to assist with the development of your biodiversity and natural capital strategies. 

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Madeleine Davitt 

Senior Partner 

Colour smaller size1.jpg

Christopher Kerr 

Head of Environmental, Social and Governance

Andrew 3.png

Andrew Waite

Partner - Environmental Law

Stephen Sykes.jpg

Stephen Sykes 

Consultant- Environmental Law


Stephanie Hall 

Partner - Planning 


  • Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) and other schemes for the protection and restoration of nature, habitats and ecosystems 

  • The creation and protection of designated areas including Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI's), local and national nature reserves (LNR/NNR), marine conservation areas (MCA) and no take zones (NTZ), Ramsar sites, special areas of conservation (SAC), special protected areas (SPA) and more. 

  • Planning law advice to address the biodiversity net gain and natural capital implications for section 106 agreements, planning applications, planning determinations and appeals. 

  • Biodiversity and other nature credit schemes including nitrate / phosphate credits, river clean up credits for residents, Woodland Carbon Code and Peatland Code issues.   

  • Advice on the creation of habitat banks for credits/units to be derived.  

  • Advice relating to Conservation Covenants

  • The purchase or sale of land and subsequent planning and environmental advice for the creation of natural capital projects including rewilding schemes and nature reserves

  • Strategic advice to Local Government, Developers, Investors or Companies on biodiversity and natural capital plans. 

  • Environmental law advice, including regulatory investigations and enforcements, pollution clean-ups, environmental risk management and misuse of designated areas.  

  • Specialist real estate and planning advice relating to natural habitats and resources including rivers, the sea, moorlands, national parks, forests, grassland, and more. 



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