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Environmental, Social & Governance

Client management 


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Christopher heads up Davitt Jones Bould's Environmental, Social and Governance Special Interest Group, and has a particular focus on biodiversity & natural capital, town and city regeneration projects, charitable organisations and the public sector.  He has, for example, been an active member of Habitat for Humanity's Empty Spaces to Homes Coalition, helping them to drive forward their scheme to solve the housing crisis through an innovative scheme.  As part of this role, he has contributed to two All-Party Parliamentary Groups and Audit Wales review of brownfield land housing developments.  

Christopher holds a number of board and advisory roles at non-profits with missions relating to the protection and restoration of biodiversity, improving social mobility and delivering health and wellbeing.  He also volunteers with the Cranfield Trust where he mentors and consults CEOs and board members of non-profits in crisis.  


"Might I just take the opportunity to feedback how much my team appreciates all the work Chris does with and for us.  And the very professional and inclusive way he works."  

National Director, Habitat for Humanity


Christopher was very supportive and diligent, he took time to fully understand the nature of our work as a charity and as a social enterprise. He brought the trustee and senior management along in joint thinking at their pace, taking time to ensure a parity of understanding. We are now financially secure and clear on the future strategic direction. Something we were miles away from both financially and culturally when we first met.”

CEO, regional children's charity

"Chris facilitated two half day sessions with a range of staff and trustees to refine the organisation’s vision, mission and values, which was very useful and continues to generate value for the organisation. The cost of such an exercise would have been prohibitive. We now make decisions more strategically ensuring that new contracts and services fit with our mission. Management and the trustees have learned to say “no” if something doesn’t move the organisation in the right direction. We all think more critically about the work we do." 

CEO, The Harbour 

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