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Examples of work undertaken by Davitt Jones Bould lawyers

  • Advised on licences and leases at a large caravan site in the South West.

  • Advised on the sale of a Caravan Park to an investment company.  

Davitt Jones Bould specialists

Legal issues that may arise

  • Acquisition of large parcels of land for the purpose of developing a holiday park.

  • Disposal of an existing holiday park.

  • Planning permission for the development of a holiday park.

  • Long leasehold interests.

  • Leases and licences to occupy for onsite commercial businesses.

  • Easements for rights of way over surrounding land.

  • Restrictive covenants.

  • Disposal of land with provisions for clawback and overage.

  • Service Charge considerations.

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According to research from Ortus Secured Finance, turnover at the 100 largest holiday parks was up 9 per cent from £2.46 billion in 2012 to £2.7 billion in2018.  This reflects a growing trend for domestic holidays by UK citizens.  This trend is forecasted to continue with uncertainties surrounding Brexit.  

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