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There are over 37,000 churches in the UK, dating from the 7th century. Churches are an important part of British heritage, and because of their unique status, can be tied to to a number of specialist legal considerations, most famously Chancel Repair Liability.

Examples of work undertaken by Davitt Jones Bould lawyers

  • Advised on the acquisition of a large premises that was to be used as a church.

  • Advised on the disposal of a church hall which included complex provisions for Clawback.

  • Advising on the entire portfolio of the diocese of a northern town.    

  • Advised on a church's investment portfolio.

  • Licence of rights relating to burial sites.

  • Advice on various statutory issues relating to the Brompton Cemetery.

  • Advice on Chancel Repair liability.

Davitt Jones Bould specialists


Legal issues that may arise

  • Acquisition of premises and land suitable for a church

  • Disposal of a church

  • Overage and clawback clauses

  • Securing and withdrawing Restrictive Covenants that state a building can only be used for a church

  • Obtaining planning permission for repairs and improvements to a church

  • Securing Chancel Repair finance

  • Drafting and negotiating construction contracts including FIDIC, NEC, IChemE, GC/ Works, JCT, ICE, RIBA and RICS

  • Events licences and contracts covering complex clauses for crowd capacity, noise control, liability for death or injury and access for construction and dismantling infrastructure.

  • All aspects of other ecclesiastical property.  

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