DJB provides 8-12 month paid internships for students, working directly with our Business Development Team. Assisting with a wide range of tasks, including supporting with marketing and business development, it is an opportunity for students to gain valuable experience in working in a commercial setting.

The placement is ideally suited to gap year students going onto study law or another similarly academic degree, or undergraduates looking to complete an inter-calculated placement year or year in industry.  Successful candidates will have a motivated, can-do attitude and will be genuinely interested in working in a leading real estate law firm. A perfect opportunity to get a head-start on their career in business.



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The firm was founded little over 20 years ago and has grown rapidly to become the largest specialist real estate law firm in the UK. Our pursuit of growth in the real estate space has led us in bold and creative directions: establishing brand-new marketplaces, improving how we work efficiently, employing clever use of technology, honing our unique offering as a workplace and more.

DJB’s recent history, together with worldwide events, has taught us that you can never accurately predict what is round the corner. The only certainty is that we will continue to embrace change, push for innovation, and encourage dynamism at every turn.

Now is an exciting time to join our brilliant team.

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At DJB, we see our values and our focus as intertwined – we are resolutely focused on real estate and on being recognised as elite in our space, but equally important is our commitment to our people, suppliers, clients and community. They are what make DJB truly special.

Our Passion, Mission and Culture Statement is the foundation on which we operate, feeding through in everything we do. It is our hope that the same statement can be read in 100 years and still ring true.

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