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Examples of work undertaken by our lawyers

  • Advised on events licences for the Burberry fashion events at the Royal Parks in London.

  • Advised on all aspects of the Vogue fashion event at the Royal Parks in London.

  • In-house lawyers to fashion brands including River Island. 

Davitt Jones Bould specialists

Legal issues that may arise

  • Events licences and contracts including complex clauses for crowd capacity, noise control, liability for death or injury and access for the construction and dismantling of infrastructure.

  • Contracts and licences to occupy a premises.

  • Acquisition of property that is suitable for fashion events.

  • Securing payment for damage caused to a venue after an event.

  • Procurement of events contractors.

  • Wayleaves.

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British fashion contributes almost £21 billion to the UK economy. A report by Oxford Economics found that the UK fashion industry employs 816,000 people, and is similar in size to the food and drink services sector. 

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