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Approximately 2.5 million people play golf regularly and there are around 2,500 golf courses in the UK, covering 270,000 hectares in total. UK golfers spend over £4 billion on golf annually, with over half this amount being spent directly at golf clubs.

Examples of work undertaken by our lawyers

  • Acquired parcels land for the purpose of constructing golf courses. 

  • Advised on the relocation of the Richmond Park golf course in London.

  • Advised on an agreement to demolish and rebuild a golf clubhouse with a self-contained car park.

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Legal issues that may arise

  • Acquisition of land suitable for the creation of a golf course.

  • Granting and contesting covenants and easements over the land.

  • Obtaining planning permission for the creation and expansion of golf courses.

  • Negotiating and drafting leases, subleases and licences to occupy for commercial entities on site.

  • Transfer of title to freehold property owned by a club following a change in trustees.

  • Licences for events.

  • Events contracts covering complex clauses for crowd capacity, noise control, liability for death or injury and access for the construction and dismantling of infrastructure.

  • Negotiation and enforcement of reinstatement clauses.

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