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Examples of work undertaken by our lawyers

  • Joint property lawyers to Highways England

  • Advised on proposals for a new bus only junction/slip road onto the M32, including the ability to control use by other forms of traffic and the application of the Road Traffic Acts.

  • Advised on permanent and temporaryRoad Traffic Regulation Orders covering large areas of Bristol, with a view to control traffic  and create residents' parking zones.

  • Advised on the planning work surrounding the construction of a new highway, including a 40-metre road bridge spanning a main railway line and a 600 space park and ride scheme.

  • Secured CPOs and negotiated with landowners to secure multiple sites for the development of road junctions and bypasses.

  • Disposed of junctions and surrounding land via individual sales and auctions.

Davitt Jones Bould specialists

Legal issues that may arise

  • Disposals of junctions and surrounding land through individual and auction sales

  • Clawback and overage provisions

  • Acquisition of sites for the construction of a junction

  • Securing sites through Compulsory Purchase Orders and negotiation

  • Licences to occupy

  • Lease negotiations and renewals

  • Granting of easements and restrictive Covenants

  • Title issues and reports

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Junctions can range from simple T-junctions to the 30 acre, 5-storey Gravelly Hill Interchange (better known as Spaghetti Junction). As particularly large, complex developments, specialist expertise is needed to make their construction a success.

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