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Examples of work undertaken by our lawyers

  • Providing strategic advice on procurement, supply chain management, contract drafting and risk allocation strategy for the construction of a £100m+ nuclear waste processing plant.

  • Negotiating a joint venture agreement for the construction of a national nuclear waste repository.

  • Advising on the proposed BOT (build operate, transfer) of a nuclear research site, advising on the procurement strategy and proposed contract structure.

  • Organising a pitch to a national Government to provide advice on the setup of a nuclear power programme.

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Legal issues that may arise

  • Acquisition of sites suitable for the construction of nuclear facilities in compliance with nuclear regulations.

  • Advice on nuclear site licence applications.

  • Advising on the justification of practices involving ionising radiation.

  • Advice on the decommissioning of nuclear power stations.

  • Securing planning permission and drafting obligations relating to nuclear power stations.

  • Advice on dealing with adverse public opinion and press scrutiny.

  • Advice on public inquiries, judicial review and appeals.

  • Environmental law matters including contamination and environmental damage regulations.

  • Drafting and negotiating construction contracts including FIDIC, NEC, IChemE, GC/ Works, JCT, ICE, RIBA and RICS.

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The UK established the world's first civil nuclear programme in 1956. The country’s 15 reactors generate over 18% of the country’s electricity, down from a peak of 26% in 1997. Nuclear power is recognised as a source of low carbon power and is seeing continuous investment, notably at sites such as Hinkley Point.

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