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Natural England to Launch New Consultation on Policies that May Benefit Developers

Natural England (NE), a client of DJB, has launched a consultation on proposed new policies for European protected species (EPS) licensing.

Under the current EPS licensing regime, NE can licence development activities that would otherwise harm EPS, but only in certain restricted circumstances. NE proposes to provide greater flexibility in EPS licensing policy and to reduce some of the survey burden on developers.

Under the new policies, developers are likely to benefit from a reduction in the considerable delays that EPS exclusion, capture and relocation activities can cause, especially where there are seasonality constraints.

The consultation represents an opportunity for property developers to assist Natural England in reducing delays, costs and uncertainty in the development process. The consultation closes on 7th April 2016. Details can be found here: Link

DJB are ideally placed to advise property developers on securing planning permission and EPS licences. The firm has worked closely with Natural England, Defra, Local Authorities and property developers at all stages of the development process.

For more details, please contact the firm’s Managing Director, Madeleine Davitt on 020 7870 7500.

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