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COP27 starts tomorrow

COP27, held in Egypt, begins tomorrow, and there is a lot for nations to ponder. The world has changed significantly since COP26 held in Glasgow in November last year, not least as a result of Russia invading Ukraine. We have seen an energy and food crisis develop, with inflation rates and the cost of living spiralling. At the same time, we have witnessed some extreme weather this year with record breaking heatwaves and wildfires in Europe and the United States, a terrible drought in Africa and the devastating floods in Pakistan. Nations have the difficult job of balancing their need to prioritise energy security by, for example, increasing the lifelines of coal and nuclear power stations with driving down their Carbon production. One of the key objectives of COP27 will be to help nations achieve that balance, and ensuring that their climate change commitments remain on track.

There are other issues to focus on too. Nations are under pressure to consider what a ‘just-transition’ to a net-zero future looks like. One of the key debates to be had at COP27 is the issue of ‘loss and damage’, whereby those nations impacted most by the effects of climate change, widely accepted to be the Global South, are compensated by those historically responsible for its amplification, namely the Global North. This has been a real sticking point at previous COP’s but developing nations and the COP27 hosts Egypt will be pushing again to address this issue.

You can see the full agenda here

With the built environment responsible for an estimated 40% of carbon emissions, real estate is a critical part of growing efforts to decarbonise our planet. That’s why we will keep you posted on key developments throughout COP27.



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