Examples of work undertaken by DJB lawyers

  • Acted on the transfer of a spent quarry from a multinational minerals business to Natural England.

  • Advised a Central Government body on the acquisition of a quarry site following a CPO.

  • Advised on the grant of an easement over a quarry site.

  • Advised a client on the grant of a quarrying lease on their land.

DJB specialists

  • Stephanie Smith (Associate Director)

  • Michael Wear (Associate Director)

  • Gemma Merry (Associate Director)

Legal issues that may arise

  • Acquisition of sites for quarrying use

  • Disposal of land formerly used as a quarry

  • Licenses to occupy quarries

  • Joint venture arrangements for the use of quarry land

  • Environmental law issues, including contamination and nuisance

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Every year the quarry industry supports the construction of 180,000 homes, as well as the maintainance of the UK's 230,000 miles of road and 10,000 miles of railroad. The industry employs around 20,000 people directly.


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