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Examples of work undertaken by DJB lawyers

  • Estates management work for large national and international retail brands. 

  • Securing retail properties across the UK and internationally via lease, licence, concession agreement and acquisition. 

  • Playing a key role in advising international retailers on their entry into the UK market, store roll out and subsequent portfolio management.

  • Advising on the development of flagship retail stores for retail brands. 

  • Strategic advice relating to Covid-19 legislation for both retail tenants and investor landlords.

  • In-house property lawyers for top retailers including John Lewis and Partners.   

  • Property litigation work, including serving section 26 notices for landlords.

  • Advising on the granting of concessions agreements for retailers at prestigious London locations. 

  • Acquisition of a new lease for a store in Covent Garden on behalf of Fujifilm.  

Read about our retail expertise here.

DJB specialists

  • Abigail Kay (Partner)

  • Teresa Kamppari Baker (Partner)

  • Sophie Philippon-Thomas (Partner) 

  • Richard Holmes (Partner)

  • Philippa Hipwell (Partner) 

  • Sean Bulman (Partner)

  • Melanie Greer-Walker (Partner)

  • Mary Anderson (Partner) 

  • Nichola Gray (Partner) 

  • Jo Briers (Associate Director) 

Legal issues that may arise

  • Securing retail space via lease, licence, purchase, franchise or concession agreement. 

  • Negotiating clauses relating to turnover rents, limitations on dilapidation liabilities, footfall guarantees and limits on service charge liability.

  • Strategic property advice relating to CVA or Covid-19 specific legislation. 

  • Construction of new retail units. 

  • Protection against any defects in design or bad workmanship if taking a lease of a newly constructed retail unit. 

  • Management of large national estates, including landlord and tenant work. 

  • Estates rationalisation work including serving s26 notices or exercising break clauses. 

  • Construction contracts and disputes

  • Various environmental law issues including rights to light and contamination issues. 

Need help? Get in touch

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, tensions between physical and online retail space, rising minimum wages, inflationary pressures, business rate revaluations and yes, Brexit, all conspire to make decision making as hard as possible for retail decision makers.  Our lawyers are experienced in all the legal issues your brand faces, from securing prime retail space to CVAs and footfall protection clauses. 

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