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Tel:        0203 026 8303

Mobile:  07812 677 647


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Sean is an Account Manager who works alongside a wide portfolio of DJB clients in Central Government and arms length companies.  Sean has a reputation among the firms clients for being approachable and supportive to their needs.  He works closely with clients to understand how they operate and the challenges that they face. Prior to joining DJB, Sean performed a similar role with property developers for a large law firm.  


Sean has been a key point of contact to:

  • Highways England:  Sean provides a dedicated single point of contact to the organisation, taking instructions, allocating work to our 40 strong legal team as well as meeting regularly with the client to implement best practice.

  • Organisations on the CCS RM3788 Wider Public Sector Panel:  Sean is a key point of contact to organisations using the CCS RM3788 Wider Public Sector framework.  Along with Senior Partner Madeleine Davitt, Sean is available to all organisations on the panel to receive instructions and allocate the work to the best lawyer for the matter.  He is available to escalate instructions and generally provide the highest standard of client care to clients.  

“Sean has been very helpful and supports me with various questions and queries". Case Manager, Highways England Company Limited

"Sean has been a tremendous help in facilitating the smooth running of our matter".  Private client 

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