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Specialist lawyers helping you to deliver renewable energy and other major infrastructure.

Whether you need advice on renewable energy projects or on the convergence of sustainable development and technological innovation that has driven unprecedented challenges; our lawyers have the understanding and experience required to handle any energy and/or infrastructure related matter.

We are a national award-winning law firm employing over 70 senior and experienced lawyers specialising in all aspects of the real estate sector.  As a specialist practice we pride ourselves on providing a fresh and entrepreneurial approach to the law, based on commercial experience within the sector and practical, solution-orientated advice.

What we can advise on

  • Acquisition of rights over land to connect renewable energy sources to the National Grid.

  • Securing sites suitable for the generation of renewable energy.

  • Securing sites through compulsory purchase.

  • Environmental impact assessments, taking into consideration issues such as nuisance, contamination and locality.

  • Leases of land including provisions for options and wayleaves.

  • Planning applications and public inquiries.

  • Drafting and securing easements over renewable energy land.

  • Acquisition of sites suitable for the construction of nuclear facilities in compliance with nuclear regulations.

  • Advice on nuclear site licence applications.

  • Securing planning permission and drafting obligations relating to nuclear power stations.

  • Environmental and Planning issues.

  • Acquisition and disposal of land.

  • Compulsory Purchase Orders.

  • Complex lease work.

  • Lease breaks and renewals.

  • Restrictive covenants and rights of way.

  • Deed of Variation.

  • Litigation Advice


  • A specialist ESG group.

  • Access to our real estate professionals with strong commercial nous and extensive knowledge on the energy and infrastructure sector who are frequently instructed by multiple clients on complex issues.


  • Working with you throughout the matter’s lifecycle to identify risks and put in place strategies ensuring progress to meet your unique and specific needs as a client.


  • Effective client management linking to external audit, governance and oversight requirements.

  • Effective knowledge transfer and training.

With our experienced team, we have provided real estate support to multiple clients giving expert advice across the energy and infrastructure sector. Our collective experience across the unique opportunities and challenges the sector offers, places us in a prime position to help you.

We are hugely enthusiastic about the energy and infrastructure sector and the value it brings within the transition to a lower-carbon environment to secure a safer, cleaner future for us.  We understand increasing renewable energy infrastructure is urgent and our multidisciplinary team will provide you with practical advice and solutions to keep pace with the rapidly changing demands.


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Stephen Sykes


PQE: 31 years


T: 01884 255966

Sean Bulman


PQE: 31 years


T: 020 3026 8297

NBG_8997_B&W (1).jpg

Yohanna Weber


PQE: 13 years


T: 020 3026 9276

Stephanie Hall


PQE: 16 years


T: 0161 399 0127

i-VpwQXZm-L (1)_edited.jpg

Gillian Lewis


PQE: 19 years


T: 020 3026 2925


shutterstock_368730815 (1).jpg

Advising a private sector developer on a major energy centre project. This required an EPC contract and a corresponding operating contract with a complex works contract. The capital value of the works package was £25 million.

shutterstock_156022655 (1).jpg

Acted for a UK NHS Trust on the negotiation of the Project Agreement for the design, build, operation, and maintenance of an energy centre for a term of 15 years.

shutterstock_1714315174 (1).jpg

Advising several law firms on specialist renewable energy elements.


Advised an international law firm on multiple Report on Title and Leasehold land work. Our team worked diligently through this complex work, providing real estate support to enhance the firm’s capability and capacity to take on this profitable matter. 

shutterstock_2068701212 (1).jpg

Acted for Energy Company on gas storage facility.



"Your lawyer has been an invaluable member of the team during busy times for us... their flexible legal skills have ensured a seamless service with clients, and added much-needed robustness to the team at a challenging time."
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