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Examples of work undertaken by our lawyers

  • Property legal advisors to the Environment Agency, Natural England and the Forestry Commission. 

  • Advised on the lease renewals for the commercial use of an area of Outstanding National Beauty.

  • Advised on the contamination of land by a water plant. 

  • Took action against an developer who was redeveloping a protected building on behalf of a National Park Authority.  

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Legal issues that may arise

  • Identifying how developments will affect environmentally protected land.

  • Establishing ‘exceptional circumstances’ to develop on protected land.

  • Obtaining planning permission for development which may have an impact on the habitats of protected species.

  • Obtaining mitigation licences.

  • Defending or prosecuting claims of contamination on protected land. 

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Over 28% of the UK’s land is environmentally protected. This status will usually aim to protect a feature of the land that is of natural, ecological or cultural value and can restrict the way in which an owner can use the land.

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