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The UK hosts approximately 3.2 million hectares of woodland and forests.  14,400 hectares of commercial forestry was sold in the UK in 2019 with a market value of just over £121 million, with average value increasing from 2018.  The Forestry Commission is currently the UK's largest landholder with c.254,000 hectares of land in their ownership. 

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Legal issues that may arise

  • Rural land transfers (either as a forest or for the creation of a new forest).

  • Landlord and tenant work.

  • Farm Business Tenancies and Agricultural Land Holdings. 

  • Use of forests or attached land for wind farms. 

  • Leisure type agreements for businesses using forest for cafes or visitor attractions or timber. 

  • Specialist advice relating to the Forestry Act.

  • Woodland dedication scheme cases. 

  • Town and country planning

  • Property litigation 

  • Procurement 

  • Public and employee liability cases. 

  • Public law issues including vires and statutory interpretation. 

Examples of work undertaken by our lawyers

  • Acquisition of 100 hectares of Woodland in South Wales for a Sustainable Timber and Energy Fund. 

  • Provided advice relating to the Dedication Scheme. 

  • Advice on all property matters including the Forestry Acts. 

  • Acquisition of rural land for the development of a new woodland. 

  • Dealt with the full spectrum of property legal advice to a large forestry estate.  

  • Advised on multiple 'rewilding' schemes to protect and restore forests and other natural resources. 

Updates from the Forestry Commission  

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