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The DJB Graduate Trainee Programme is aimed at taking high calibre graduates through a broad spectrum of management training, covering all disciplines relating to the running of a law firm.

We are looking for people who are academically bright, naturally curious, and self-motivated, who have the drive to succeed in a fast-paced, dynamic business at the heart of the real estate legal industry. For these individuals, our programme aims to add the layers of skills, experience, and commercial exposure required to mould them into the future leaders of our organisation.

  • What will I be doing?
    Over the course of the two weeks, you will complete mini rotations in all our key departments including the: Accounts Team, Legal Support Team, Account Management Team, Executive Support Team and Projects Team.
  • Where will I be based?
    The scheme is based in our Business Services Centre in Taunton, Somerset and applicants must live in a commutable distance. The scheme will take place Monday 22nd July 2024 – Friday 2nd August 2024.
  • Do I qualify?
    Successful candidates will have the following academics, attributes and will have completed our application form. Academics: Minimum of 5 GCSEs at Grade 4 or above (or equivalent) Studying a minimum of 3 A Levels predicted at BBC (or equivalent) or higher. We will still consider applications that don’t meet all the academic requirements if they possess the following attributes. Attributes: A strong desire to learn about business. A hard working, resourceful and self-motivated approach to problem solving. Skills in research, computing, and written and spoken communication. A creative, results oriented outlook. A commitment to a ground-up learning style.
  • How do I apply?
    To apply, please submit your CV together with your answers to the application questions here.
  • What will I be doing?
    Over the course of the two weeks, you will take part in group based and individual projects and tasks. These will be in line with the real time demands of the business, and may mean taking a deep dive into compliance, improving operational efficiencies or running a marketing campaign.
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The firm was founded little over 20 years ago and has grown rapidly to become the largest specialist real estate law firm in the UK. Our pursuit of growth in the real estate space has led us in bold and creative directions: establishing brand-new marketplaces, improving how we work efficiently, employing clever use of technology, honing our unique offering as a workplace and more.

DJB’s recent history, together with worldwide events, has taught us that you can never accurately predict what is round the corner. The only certainty is that we will continue to embrace change, push for innovation, and encourage dynamism at every turn.

Now is an exciting time to join our brilliant team.

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At DJB, we see our values and our focus as intertwined – we are resolutely focused on real estate and on being recognised as elite in our space, but equally important is our commitment to our people, suppliers, clients and community. They are what make DJB truly special.

Our Passion, Mission and Culture Statement is the foundation on which we operate, feeding through in everything we do. It is our hope that the same statement can be read in 100 years and still ring true.

Read our Passion, Mission and Culture Statement >>

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