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UK Government call for evidence on Review of Limited Partnership Law

DJB client, the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) announced a call for evidence with regard to a further review of limited partnership law.

It is expected to lead to significant amendments to the current limited partnership law.

BEIS is seeking views on possible changes to aspects of the limited partnership regime in the UK, namely:

  • The extent to which a limited partnership registered in the UK must maintain a presence there.

  • The process for registering the dissolution of a limited partnership.

  • Changes to the transparency regime with regard to UK limited partnerships to prevent limited companies being used as a vehicle for fraud.

Have your say on those changes here.

The closing date for your submissions is 17 March 2017.

Last week the Government announced that they will be amending the Limited Partnerships Act 1907 to adopt the new private fund limited partnership category.

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