Examples of work undertaken by DJB lawyers


  • Advised on numerous Academy Transfers. The work included drafting and negotiating long leases for the transfer.

  • Acquired land for use in the expansion of a School.

  • Drafted and negotiated numerous Section 106 agreements and CIL to include provisions for the development of schools.

  • advised on JCT and NEC3 contract terms for schools related development projects.

DJB specialists

  • Philippa Hipwell (Partner) 

  • Sophie Philippon-Thomas (Partner)

  • Sean Bulman (Partner) 

  • Yohanna Weber (Partner)

Legal issues that may arise

  • Planning obligations including section 106 agreements

  • Securing sites for the construction of a school via compulsory purchase

  • Acquisition of land and property for the development of schools

  • Academy transfers

  • Drafting and negotiating construction contracts

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There are over 24,000 schools in the UK. Since 2010, the number of academy schools has been on the increase, rising from just over 200 in 2010 to over 4,600 in 2015.



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