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Examples of work undertaken by DJB lawyers

  • Acted for a utilities provider in the South West on rationalisation of their property portfolio.

  • Advised on the development of a large scale water treatment plant.

  • Worked on the creation of a lease for a major power plant.

  • Advised a leading telecoms company on its property portfolio.

  • Drafted a lease extension on a power plant

  • Obtained licenses to run natural gas pipes across several pieces of land

  • Acted on a number of wayleave agreements in support of the rollout of rural broadband

  • Advised South East Water on formulating a strategy for developing renewable energy generation within its existing portfolio of sites, including site and technology specific solutions.

DJB specialists

Legal issues that may arise

  • Grant or extension of a lease of a power plant.

  • Development of facilities and associated planning

  • Environmental law considerations such as pollution and conservation

  • Wayleaves for laying internet/gas/water piping across land

  • Estates restructuring

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Utilities companies work in vastly different industries, providing services from broadband to national gas, and invariably controlling large amounts of the economy. Given the importance in the utilities sector of maintaining a consistent, high quality service, high quality legal advice on your real estate is essential.

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