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Davitt Jones Bould help Habitat for Humanity to Launch New Toolkit & App

A huge congratulations to Habitat for Humanity Great Britain for the release of their Empty Spaces to Homes Toolkit and App, for which Davitt Jones Bould was a contributor.

The toolkit acts as a blueprint for converting disused office and retail space into social housing, after completing two such conversions in the borough of Barking and Daghenham. They also launched an app for people to identify empty office and retail spaces that could be turned into homes. It also launched a new tool kit, allowing other groups to replicate its conversions.

Christopher Kerr, who was a panellist at Habitat for Humanity's launch event, and a key advisor on their Empty Spaces to Homes Coalition from the start, said: "Habitat for Humanity's aim is to increase the capacity of social housing across the UK and Europe by working with a collaborative network of local housing authorities, charities and private sector partners. Their innovative toolkit idea, which is now available to all, is an excellent resource for all organisations who care about solving the housing crisis. It's only the beginning of a long, but exciting journey to come."

The toolkit can be found here:

The background to it can be found here:



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