Examples of work undertaken by DJB lawyers

  • Advised on planning, compulsory purchase, marine licensing and environmental matters for:

       - a 650km electricity interconnector cable                 linking the national grids of Denmark and               the UK via 1400MW HVDC subsea cables. 

       - a 700km electricity interconnector cable                   linking the national grids of Norway and the           UK via 1400MW subsea cables. 

       - the trade and transmission of renewably

         generated electricity

  • Advised on environmental aspects of the purchase of a 6.86MW grid-connected battery storage system in Grantham. 

  • Drafted and negotiated collaboration agreements between multiple parties for the use of a wind farm.

  • Acted as the lead real estate adviser on the development of an 8.2MW coastal wind farm development in Wales with an investment value of  £14.5 million.

  • Advised on the leases and licences of solar plants.

DJB specialists

Legal issues that may arise

  • Acquisition of rights over land to connect renewable energy sources to the National Grid.

  • Securing sites suitable for the generation of renewable energy

  • Securing sites through compulsory purchase.

  • Environmental impact assessments, taking into consideration issues such as nuisance, contamination and locality.

  • Leases of land including provisions for options and wayleaves

  • Planning applications and public inquiries

  • Drafting and securing easements over renewable energy land

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There are now enough solar panels in the UK to supply the equivalent of 5 million homes. The biggest increase in land renewable energy is wind farms.

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