Examples of work undertaken by DJB lawyers

  • Advised on thousands of rural land and property transfers across the UK. 

  • Dealt with issues unique to rural land including Farm Business Tenancies, Agricultural Holdings, Tree Preservation Orders and more. 

  • Dealt with all aspects of landlord and tenant issues from lease negotiations to break notices. 

  • Advised on the use of rural land for renewable energy purposes including natural gas, solar parks and wind farms. 

  • Secured leisure type agreements for cafes, restaurants, gift shops and kiosks. 

  • Advised on all aspects of property litigation. 

  • Dealt with large town and country planning projects on rural land, including the development of the London Cycle Superhighway at Hyde Park and St James's Park. 

  • Advised on many public / employee liability cases relating to accidents in the countryside and parkland. 

  • Recovered debts for use of rural land. 

  • Dealt with all aspects of public law relating to rural land from judicial reviews to statutory interpretation. 

DJB specialists

  • Madeleine Davitt (Senior Partner)

  • Lee McBride (Partner)

  • Louisa Swanton (Partner) 

  • Philippa Hipwell (Partner)

  • Michael Wear (Associate Director)

  • Kate Evans (Associate Director)

  • Ben Fairhurst (Associate Director) 

  • Gemma Merry (Associate Director) 

  • Zaheer Bashir (Associate Director)

  • Stephanie Smith (Associate Director) 

  • Jo Briers (Associate Director) 

  • Samantha Paxton (Associate Director)

  • Maeve Bonner (Partner)

  • Jan Puvi (Partner)

  • Kevin Fry (Legal Executive) 

Legal issues that may arise

  • Transfers of rural land and property

  • Drafting leases and tri-partite leases for rural land.

  • Licences and leases of rural land for commercial use

  • Farm Business Tenancies and Agricultural Holdings. 

  • Public law including statutory interpretation and vires issues. 

  • Public and employee liability relating to countryside accidents. 

  • Environmental law issues including pollution and contamination prevention.

  • Renewable energy projects. 

  • Leisure type agreements. 

  • Property litigation. 

  • Town and country planning.

  • Debt recovery. 

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The total rural land area in the UK is around 17.6 million hectares, with an additional 3.2 million hectares covered by woodland and forests. Rural land, excluding woodland, accounts for 72% of the total area of land (Savills, 2019).  DJB acts for some of the key organisations responsible for protecting and growing the UK's rural land.



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