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Examples of work undertaken by DJB lawyers

  • Advised a farming partnership on the negotiation and exchange of an option agreement conditional on planning, for the grant of a 25 year lease of a solar park, on 120 acres of arable land.

  • Advised on a lease of land by a local authority for use as a solar power plant, considering all relevant needs of the client.

  • Advised on licenses and easements to ensure access for cables and personnel servicing solar plants.

  • Advised on solar and wind farm joint venture projects.

DJB specialists

Legal issues that may arise

  • Environmental and Planning issues

  • Acquisition and disposal of land

  • Agricultural land law

  • Lease arrangements

  • Easements, licenses and rights of way

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Solar power is widely seen as an energy source of the future. Worldwide growth in photovoltaic cells averaged 40% per year between 2000 and 2013. DJB can provide the property experience you need to ensure the smooth setup of your solar farm.

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